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Yes, we need your help

Making a feature film as a NOT FOR PROFIT and on a SMALL BUDGET requires great ingenuity, lots of hard work and many blessings. 

Just as he did with GETTING GRACE, it is Daniel Roebuck's wish to continue  working in the Lehigh Valley and creating more "hands on" opportunities for those interested in film making.

We are looking for hard working and motivated individuals to volunteer their talents. We need Coordinators to oversee various  support departments, Drivers, Production Assistants, Catering Personnel, Location Assistants, Set Decorators, Wardrobe Assistants, Grips, Electricians, Construction Support and Security.

Whether you want to continue onto a career in film making or simply be part of an exciting experience we think THE HAIL MARY will provide an excellent environment to flex your "artistic" muscles! Click the link below to join our team.

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