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Bethlehem actor/filmmaker Daniel Roebuck lets faith guide him on ‘Lucky Louie,’ which he’ll shoot in the Lehigh Valley

“Lucky Louie” will be a much smaller project than his other planned film, “The Hail Mary.”

That film, which would have been his second faith-based movie filmed here in the Valley, had been scheduled to start production this summer but the pandemic brought those plans to a grinding halt.


Well-known local actor will film new movie in Lehigh Valley

Daniel Roebuck made the announcement at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton Borough. Roebuck says he's thrilled to be shooting his second movie in the Lehigh Valley. The movie is going to be a redemption story and will feature people and places in the area.


New film by Bethlehem’s Daniel Roebuck to begin shooting in the Valley mid-summer

Bethlehem’s Daniel Roebuck — prolific character actor, director and screenwriter — announced Tuesday that his second faith-based film, “The Hail Mary,” is expected to begin shooting midsummer at the former Mary Immaculate seminary in the Cherryville section of Lehigh Township. Casting is scheduled to start in April.


Interview With Daniel Roebuck

Daniel Roebuck returns to the Lehigh Valley to shoot second film


Bethlehem’s native son Daniel Roebuck announces his 2nd film to start production in Lehigh Valley

“The Lehigh Valley has heart, and it loves art.”

When Daniel Roebuck uttered these words on Tuesday afternoon, a low stir arose from those gathered at the Roxy Theatre in Northampton.


Actor Daniel Roebuck to speak at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Roebuck will discuss his 35-year career as an actor in Hollywood. He will discuss his new charity, A Channel of Peace, through which he plans to bring more family/faith-based films to the Lehigh Valley. He also will discuss the film “Getting Grace,” which he co-wrote, produced, starred in and directed in the summer of 2016.


Interview At The Hail Mary Press Conference

CHANNEL OF PEACE: Becahi grad actor Daniel Roebuck kicks off a new project, a nonprofit that supports faith-based films. And he has plans to make another Lehigh Valley-based film, The Hail Mary, to be shot this summer.

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